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xdripfeedx's Journal

1 December
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The World Didn't Know.
30 days of night, 40s music, abandoned places, absinthe, absinthe spoons, adventure of faustus bidgood, america's next top model, anatomy, animatronics, baking cookies at midnight, bath and body works, bill moseley, bill nighy, billie holiday, birthday packages, blue and yellow, books, caffiene pills, camels, candy cigarettes, care packages, cigarettes, clothes, comic books, cosmetique, cosmetology, crispin glover, csi ny, daydreams, deep blue eyes, deep discussion, desperately seeking susan, destroying my lungs, determination, diet pills, dreaming, exercise, fields of flowers, fight club, film noir, food, francesca lia block, free associative writing, george romero, getting packages, gore, green screen, green tea, gyms, hair design, hair extensions, hard candy, hellboy, homeless people, hoodia, hoodies, horror movies, hugo boss cologne, incubus, individuality, itunes, james gunn, jeepers creepers, land of the dead, league of extraordinary gentlemen, light cigarettes, lollipops, long drives, long hair, losing weight, mad scientists, makeup, making movies, max brooks, menthol cigarettes, menthols, milla jovovich, models, monster makeup, movie effects, notebooks, obscure actors, old books, packages, paper flowers, paper stars, paperback novels, pellet rifles, peppermint, perfume oils, pistols, pokémon, postcards, practical effects, prosthetics, quickly written notes, radiohead, ralph fiennes, reading, restricting, return to oz, ripped pages, robert frost, robert joy, running, sanrio, scented candles, scrawled poetry, security blankets, shaun of the dead, sketchbooks, sleeping, smoking, smoking in secret, special effects, stage makeup, stars, stuffed animals, summertime, tare panda, teddy bears, the breakfast club, the cell, the dark half, the hills have eyes, the library, the string quartet, the velveteen rabbit, thir13en ghosts, tom savini, trees, understanding, vampires, virginia slims, walking in the rain, water, weight loss, white rabbits, white skin, white soap, whole new thing, working out, wrong turn, xenadrine, yellow bastard, zach braff, zippos