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so he tells me " I used to have a livejournal."

<3 to little baby teenage Alan.

Nov. 5th, 2009

I love him, and I'm going to do everything I can to keep him near me.


it's been a long while since ive last been onl livejournal - alots happened, fell in and out of love, lost and gained and lost weight, met someone new, really excited about him.

goal for the end of october: lose 20.

May. 22nd, 2009

total loss so far after school let out : 17 lbs

it's easier to restrict and spend my time working out and running now that i really dont have to be anywhere.

goal for june: lose 40

Today was the last day of the semester. I'm sort of glad I don't have to get up at 6:30 every morning, maybe now I can get some sleep.

Dont know what I have in store for the summer.


Nothing much else goingz on.

Bradley had his finals this morning and DIDNT SLEEP A FUCKING WINK LAST NIGHT CRAMMING, so I'll let him sleep the rest of the day and call him tomorrow. <3 love you baby.

Mother's Day was decent, shower the moms with presents, take her out to eat, she be nice for the rest o the day. magic.

That'be all for now me hearties.

oh. and owning up to real life and realizing someone that's a fucking jerkass had you added as a friend on livejournal just to read your shit to see if I said anything about you in my livejournal...and politely ask them take you off their friends list, cause you dont feel comfortable with them reading your life,  isnt childish.

pretending that someone who cared about you and you dumped is still your friend on livejournal is childish....and just fucking stupid.

I mean, that's the sort of mindset that people take pills for. so ha. Foolish to think someone you dump would ever want to be your friend in the virtual world or the physical world.

it's one world. there's no difference.

grow the fuck up.


Various Ramblings.

Gettin tired of people stuck in a highschool mentality. pfft...*cracks up*

Anyway. Let's see hurrrr....

Lost another 8 pounds last week. Must be doing something right.
Killed a hUgE mosquito in my room just a few seconds ago. Was a great big fucker.

Moving to Mann's Harbor come July. w00000t for leaving shelltown.

Anyway. Yarr.

Fuck you Shelby

I can't wait to move out of this stupid little town.


Are finally over! I'm happy. I was stressing big time about that.
Havent watched a lot of CSI New York un forevarrrr.....feelin a bit sad bout that. Been slacking.

Got offered a job at Hot Topic in Gastonia. :) Thinking about taking it.

So my parents like and fully approve of Bradley. <3 <3 <3 <3

I'm so freakin happy. He makes me so giddy.
AnYwAy....heehee. Happy things.

One more day of school for monday and then this semester is ovarrrrr till august.
Then graduation, then full fledged cosmetology license, then move out of my parents house and into bradleys apartment.



thats all for now me hearties!
So I havent updated in a long while, so I thought I'd type a lil sumpin.

I'm in love.

Like, for realzies.

-_- AND.....I keep getting weird samples of stuff in the mail I havent even asked for...like Dove sent me a little thing of hand lotion the other day....

presents are great but im wondering why im getting this stuff.

thinking of selling avon.


this semester is almost over and i cant wait till summer vaycay.


Regarding current events.

So I got a call today from someone I hadnt spoken to in about a year.
I miss him.

In other news I'm going to be getting my very own car!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm so excited. I've already picked out my bettie page seat covers decals and airfreshener.

I've got my eye on a little red two seater bmw. :)

I can't wait. XD



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